David (age 15) attended Northleigh House School because he was extremely fragile, having been seriously bullied over a prolonged period. The reason David was picked on by the school bullies seemed to be for no other reason than he was a quiet boy, a bit chubby, not sporty and enjoyed academic work. Unsurprisingly, the fear and worry about being constantly beaten and verbally abused made him ill. He started refusing to go to school and spent all his time in his room, often with the wardrobe pushed across the door.

Northleigh House School addresses the growing need for a safe, calm and progressive learning environment for secondary aged children who, mainly as a result of being bullied, cannot study in a large mainstream setting. Northleigh have absolute positive regard for every student: their approach imbued with kindness, inclusion and respect for each individual’s differences.

In the first instance, it was difficult to persuade David to attend Northleigh because of his previous experiences in a school environment. When he did go, initially for just one morning a week, he was clearly unhappy and unable to communicate or focus on his work. However, the school and David’s support networks persevered and managed to persuade David to give it a go. He did and over time, Northleigh helped David to regain his inner confidence and to begin again to trust other people.

He started to work and built up to full time attendance at the school. He started joining in with the other students, working hard, has lost weight and finally became the happy teenager he deserved to be. 


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