The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation had the great privilege of supporting Class Dynamix to run a project across five schools in Leeds during 2015, working with 363 students using music to raise awareness around the issue of bullying.

Class Dynamix are all about powerful songs that are not just stylistically catchy and relevant to young people, but empower them with positive messages and values, tackling many of the big issue’s affecting society today – bullying, obesity, domestic violence and diversity.

Culminating in a live concert, the project not only provided an unforgettable experience for the participants, it served to bring communities together and leave a legacy lasting far beyond the scope of the project.

Participants shared some really insightful comments…

“When people in the playground or outside the shops said mean things to me, or about me, it would make me feel small and rubbish. After doing the Bullying Stop! Project, I don’t feel afraid or on my own. I know that I can hold my head up high as it takes guts to stand up and perform in front of a large audience. I feel more powerful but in a good positive way.” Lucie

“The Bullying Stop! Song was so catchy – it will always remind me of that message and it made me feel strong and powerful.” Milawa

“It is nice to do something fun that has a serious message and helps people to understand why bullying is so wrong. It was great to teach the younger kids the song and to hear them singing it at break.” Luke


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