Andrew (age 15) was the victim of repeated bullying at school and fear had taken over his daily life. The situation was, in fact, so bad that Andrew suffered a severe assault by two boys resulting in cracked ribs and internal bruising. At this point his mum knew that she had to take action because of the injuries her son was suffering and the understandable impact that was having on him mentally, as well as physically.

“Most times he wasn’t actually showing his anger or emotions until he got home. Then he would start shouting and throwing things, making strange noises and talking to himself. He became too frightened to even go upstairs or to sleep alone, shouting in his sleep, wetting the bed. This can affect him for up to a week or sometimes longer,” his mum said.

Through a friend, Andrew’s mum found out about Clover House Complimentary Therapy. “I wrote to them saying my son had effectively become a human punch bag and he desperately needed help.”

Clover House combined three therapies to tackle Andrew’s symptoms – imagery, nutrition and massage – which combined are proven to accelerate and enhance results.

Imagery techniques can alleviate fears, anxieties, traumas, and unhelpful habits, thoughts and emotions by using cognitive-behavioural techniques in which a client is guided in imagining a relaxing scene creating an ‘induced’ image that changes or controls negative emotions to help modify behaviour. By improving an individual’s nutrition, they can feel better, receive a boost to the immune system and have more energy to deal with difficult situations. With massage, a parent or carer can give a very active form of tender loving care, increasing the bonding, helping relaxation and sleep.

Andrew attended treatment sessions at Clover House funded by the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, which his mum described as ‘amazing.’   They looked at the different symptoms he was experiencing and tried to find solutions for all of them.  That means improving his confidence but also working out how to fix his sleep problems and providing nutritional advice to improve overall wellbeing and mood.  Andrew’s mum also took part in sessions to help her address her own anxieties about her son’s long-term outlook, to reduce the bad memories and increase the good.   

Incredibly after just three sessions, Andrew started showing enough improvement that he was able to start going out with his friends. An offer to attend a previous school also provided much needed positive reinforcement for Andrew to start afresh and put the bad experiences behind him.   

As a result of the Clover House therapy sessions, Andrew’s ratings for ‘improved confidence’ has increased from 2 to 6 out of 10 and for ‘reduced fear’ from 1 to 7 out of 10.  As his mum says, “He is enjoying life again; without the support from Clover House the situation could be very different.”


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