Bullying in the Workplace: The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation Annual Conference

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is delivering a second Annual Conference on Monday 11th November 2019.

The Conference this year will focus on one of the areas of concern raised by the first inaugural Conference in 2018: Bullying in the Workplace.

Unlike childhood bullying, adult bullying is not usually a focus of attention for anti-bullying organisations. However, when it occurs it is just as damaging – it can lead to low self-esteem, inability to concentrate at work, anxiety and a host of other mental health problems, not to mention the knock-on effect on career progression and income.  For the business, a bullying culture leads to reduced productivity, an erosion of worker loyalty through a toxic atmosphere, and damage to brand and reputation.

The difficulty in tackling bullying in the workplace is multifaceted. Bullying is often subtle and occurs through pernicious comments or words, or through demeaning or belittling behaviour. In some areas, bullying is part of an accepted culture of workplace or career hazing.

The conference will look at interventions to workplace bullying from a societal, organisational and individual level.

Attendees will have access to current thinking and research and engage in panel discussions focussed on the following topics:

Legal Remedies and Regulation – Formal processes of remediation for bullying in the workplace and the influence of regulatory bodies

Enhancing Dignity and Respect – How organisations influence bullying behaviour, their obligations, culture, and interventions

Empowering through Informal Mechanisms – Limiting the negative effect of workplace bullying on individuals

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Presenters include the following individuals, with more being confirmed daily:

Dominic Christian, Global Chairman, Reinsurance Solutions, Aon – Member of the Global Executive of Aon. Prior to this, Dominic was co-CEO of Aon Benfield and CEO of Aon UK Limited. He was a Group Board Director of Benfield Group plc, CEO of its International Division and CEO of Benfield Ltd. Dominic believes diversity and inclusion is central to future business success and he leads the Inclusion@Lloyd’s Group and features in HERoes FT List of Top 30 Male Champions of Women in Business.

Katie Lancaster, Partner at Farrer & Co – Specialist in employment law with extensive experience advising organisations on a wide range of employment and safeguarding matters, as well as acting for individuals and families. Katie is widely recognised for her expertise working with high-profile sports bodies and with schools, particularly those educating pupils with complex needs.

Kathleen Heycock, Partner at Farrer & Co – Known for her pragmatic approach, Kathleen’s national and international practice focusses on resolving high level complex employment law issues for senior executives, senior partners, businesses and higher education institutions. Kathleen also advises on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, particularly in a Higher Education setting.

Dr Iain Coyne – Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology within the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University. Registered and Chartered Occupational Psychologist and with over 15 years’ experience in work and organisational psychology. Specialises in psychometric tests and testing, (cyber) bullying at work and workplace productive and counterproductive behaviour.

Emeritus Professor, Charlotte Rayner – A world-renowned expert on workplace bullying, Prof Rayner completed the first major UK survey on workplace bullying for the BBC in the 1990s. Her focus is on interventions to bullying at the organisational level and she has worked with NHS Trusts, UNISON, Amicus, smaller unions as well as local councils and the private sector.

Jill Scott, CEO Flexible Work Solutions, Ltd – A nationally recognised expert on bullying and harassment, with more than 25 years’ experience in delivering training and consultancy on workplace issues.  She is the author of a highly regarded Research Report and Good Practice Guide on Dignity at Work in 2006. Jill’s focus is on enabling organisations and individuals to address issues to stop bullying and harassment recurring. In particular, she coaches perpetrators to understand the impact of their behaviour and delivers training around conflict resolution and the promotion of dignity and respect.

David Liddle, CEO of The TCM Group – An award winning conflict management and mediation consultancy. David’s vision is to reduce the negative impact of conflict at work by creating the conditions for employees and managers to have better conversations.

Chloe Gough, Doctoral Researcher in Occupational Psychology within the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University – Research is centred around workplace bullying and aims to use the concepts of dignity and respect to help create ethical workplace climates. Chloe’s main aim is to create a toolkit of interventions that acknowledge risk factors for bullying whilst filling some of the gaps prevalent within extant literature.

Leyla Okhai, CEO and Founder of Diverse Minds – A workplace mediator, Mental Health First Aid instructor and TetraMap® facilitator with 16 years’ experience of reducing conflict through leveraging culture, Lelya creates equal, happy and mentally healthy workplaces through coaching, training and consultancy and focuses on empathy, emotional awareness and the power of conversations to create positive shifts in the workplace.

Kisane Prutton, Registered and Chartered Psychologist – Organisational Development consultant, accredited mediator and qualified coach with approaching 20 years’ experience working with individuals, teams and organisations experiencing stress and conflict in the workplace. Part-time academic and researcher exploring the psychology of peacebuilding.

Dr Madeline Carter, Senior Lecturer in Occupational & Organisational Psychology, Northumbria University – Research focuses on workplace bullying in the NHS, particularly developing and evaluating interventions and the role of bystanders.

Julie Dennis, Head of Equality and Inclusion, ACAS –  – Expert on all diversity and inclusion related matters, Julie’s aim is to build inclusive cultures that drive engagement and performance.

Lesley Parkinson, Executive Director of Restorative Thinking Ltd – Lesley promotes restorative practice and culture change in multi-settings and through training gives participants the skills, knowledge and understanding to adopt restorative approaches as a key life skill, to strengthen relationships with others, problem-solve, take responsibility and resolve conflict.

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For further information or queries, please contact: Tori Rist email: victoria@bcsuf.co.uk

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