Addressing LGBTQ Bullying Through Theatre

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation are extremely privileged to have been able to support Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff to deliver a secondary school project addressing the subject of bullying and discrimination facing the LGBTQ community.

Chapter undertook two theatre productions and two week-long workshops with local secondary schools. Gypsy Queen discussed the topic of homophobia in sport, with Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death using theatre to tell local stories about LGBTQ people who have been affected by violence.

Both of the weeks started with a screening of A Beautiful Thing followed by a debate about the themes raised in the film.

Following this, a series of pre-prepared scenarios built around the themes of the two theatre productions were played out through movement-based exercises. Participants worked in smaller groups and approached these scenarios using role play to tease out opinions. Throughout the week, the groups were encouraged to challenge each other and their individual responses. Using movement, participants examined body language and discussions took place to analyse different responses and how these may be interpreted. At the end of the week, each group presented their work to classmates.

All participants and other pupils also attended the professional performances of Gypsy Queen and Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death which took place at Chapter Arts Centre.

In total, 146 young people actively participated in workshops looking at themes of bullying and discrimination facing the LGBTQ community and 2169 young people viewed the two performances.

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