Cybercrime – All kids need to know about the legal consequences!

The National Justice Museum recently undertook to teach 260 young people the consequences of cybercrime (including cyberbullying) with the support of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

The main aim of the project Virtual Justice was to raise awareness about the consequences of one’s actions, the effects of cybercrime, and work toward cybercrime prevention.

The sessions covered cyberbullying, hate crime, child sexual exploitation (including sexting and consent), and e-safety.

Participating students attended workshops where the topic of online safety was discussed. Pupils were asked to identify and reflect on every-day risks and the ways in which these can be reduced, and then expand the discussion to include online risks.

The participants had an opportunity to visit the Galleries of Justice Museum where they participated in a mock cybercrime trial, incorporating role play, followed by a discussion about how people feel when involved in cybercrime. They were also able to experience a police station and cells.

As a result of participating in the project, students knew significantly more about:

  • Youth Court and how it works
  • The consequences of not staying safe on-line
  • The feelings of people involved in cyberbullying
  • Advising younger children to stay safe on-line
  • What acts constitute cybercrime
  • Risks of being online
  • Consequences of committing cybercrime.

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