Tackling Race and Faith Targeted Bullying with the Anti-Bullying Alliance

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is grateful to have been able to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance, a membership organisation, in tackling race and faith targeted bullying. As a result of the project, they have been able to create ‘Tackling Race and Faith Related Bullying Face to Face and Online, A Short Guide for Schools – a free resource for all.

Race and faith targeted bullying is bullying that is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be racist or bullying that targets a person’s faith.

The Anti-Bulling Alliance and its members recognised that racist and faith targeted bullying had not been a priority for the anti-bullying sector over the years; partly, they believed, due to a fear of discussing issues relating to race and faith and that this barrier needed to come down.

Aware of a significant rise in calls to ChildLine about racist bullying, hate crime statistics, reports from schools and from parental complaints coming through, the Anti-Bullying Alliance knew that race and faith targeted bullying was on the rise.

Deciding to do something about it, and recognising that race and faith targeted bullying was a complex and multifaceted area requiring a sensitive approach, they applied for funds from us to help them set up an Advisory Board to draw together individuals and organisations committed to tackling the issue through a new network. Together, the network created a very useful piece of work advising schools about the issue, and providing tangible ways in which schools can tackle it. You can find the guidance here.

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