Ian’s Story – My Splash of Colour

They say school days are the best days of your life….well not for me. I am one of the thousands that almost every day attending secondary school is one of dread. 

I can still remember now (over 30 years on) the sick feeling in my stomach that I would feel on approaching the school gates, knowing that the bullies were waiting. The trouble was, it wasn’t just the other children that were the bullies! Back then verbally abusing and belittling pupils was a particular delight for some of the teachers too!

Through all of this though there was always my glimmer of light – my ssplash of colour. Back then it was losing myself in a fictional written world – be it Narnia or some far away planet that that certain Doctor from Gallifrey would be visiting.

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Then I left school and started work and many happy years followed where I also developed my interest in photography – landscapes, abstract and basically anything that didn’t move or talk back to you! 

I never dreamt that in my mid-40s I’d once again be subjected to bullying and harassment and especially not in the workplace. All those feelings of greyness and despair came up again caused by someone in the workplace – my manager! The consistent belittling, nit-picking and harassment (behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, of course) have taken their toll. I have to remind myself that I am not alone and there is always something that can bring colour into my darkest moments … with me it’s my photography and my Splash Of Colour pictures. Simple images from nature and my favourite places that remind me that there are still many things in the world that represent hope and keep me focussed on overcoming the current situation.

Splash of colour
I hope that my story and my pictures will inspire other people and remind every single victim of bullying that we are NOT the ones to blame and help is out there.

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