The Positive Impact of One-to-One Mentoring with Kick London

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is proud to support Kick London in delivering interventions targeting ‘the bully’ and aggressive behaviour with an aim to help us achieve our goal of creating a world of understanding and kindness.

Kick London’s mission is to transform young people’s lives with strong values, through sport and one-to-one mentoring. Many of the young people with whom Kick London work are at risk of being excluded from school, vulnerable to criminality or gang culture, or are from communities that experience high levels of social deprivation and need.

Kick London works with schools to identify young people who are exhibiting bullying behaviours and provide one-to-one support to help them cope with the challenges of their lives by developing skills such as empathy, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social skills and effective strategies for managing their emotions.

The case study below provides an example of their amazing work.

Case Study

At School A it was identified that there was a significant group of White British girls in year 9 that had become apathetic towards their education and this was leading to disruptive behaviour. This manifested in lateness to school, poor attendance, oppositional behaviour and negative behaviour towards other students. In a key time in their schooling and for those around them, the school were anxious to see change. It was felt imperative that some tailored support was put in place to tackle this apathy and negative behaviour towards others. There was a consensus among staff that this group of 6-8 students would significantly under-perform at GCSE if the issues mentioned above were not tackled. There was also a concern that this group was having and could continue to have a negative impact on the culture of the year group. Bullying had started too with other girls, furthermore, this group had isolated themselves from other ethnic minority girls in their year and this was a cause for concern.

Type of intervention

It was agreed that the girls would begin Solutions Focused Mentoring in a one-to-one setting on a weekly basis. The mentoring focussed on their approach to education, relationships with others and their goals for the future.


According to the school “The overall impact of the intervention on these girls cannot be underestimated. There has been a change in attitude towards school from all the girls.” This has been evident in a reduced number of behaviour points the school uses (see below), particularly conduct during lessons in relation to others in their class. Anecdotally there has also been a big shift in their attitude towards their learning. The other girls in the year have commented that they feel less intimidated by the conduct of the group of girls and this is a relief to all involved in the school community.

‘Crystal has become like a new student. She is not only completing all of her work to a high ability but also helping those around her.’ History teacher.

‘Stevie is working harder than she ever has done before, in year 8 she did no work, now she seems serious about trying to get the best grades possible.’ RE teacher.

‘Lacey has become so much easier to teach, now that she is behaving she can finally realise her incredible potential.’ English teacher.

‘Eliza has matured so much over the past couple of months’ Science teacher.

 The Data of behaviour points also shows a marked improvement:


Behaviour Points

Autumn 2

Behaviour Points

Summer 1



















*Names have been changed for safeguarding purposes.

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