Fundays with GR8 AS U R

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is grateful to have been able to support GR8 AS U R to deliver a ‘Funday’ to 590 children at two primary schools to address the issue of bullying during a day of interactive, hands-on sessions.

“GR8 AS U R gives children and their communities the right ingredients to make
creating a kinder, safer world a piece of cake.”

The Fundays use a range of innovative, creative and exciting methods, stories and curriculum-linked teaching aids to help children, from nursery age through to young adulthood, to avoid becoming bullies or targets of bullying.

The day starts with an assembly to inspire a whole school approach to tackle bullying delivered by stand up comedienne and little person, Tanyalee Davis, and 19-year-old singer-songwriter, Ellie Bea, both of whom share their personal stories of bullying, and continues with 45-minute interactive sessions for each class. These sessions raise awareness of and stop bullying around school by involving children in games, a sticker quiz and discussion around four STAR steps.

The STAR steps are a memory tool concept designed by GR8 AS U R to engage and challenge every child in school to be kind to everyone, every day.

STAND UP – To feel great!
TALK TO SOMEONE – To sort out problems.
ALWAYS HELP – To be kind.
REMEMBER EVERYONE – To make friends.

Children are taught to remember each STAR Step by memorising four STAR Step actions, each based on British Sign Language.

‘S’ action
– Standing up straight, with a smile on your face, doing double thumbs up – to feel self-confident.
‘T’ action – The BSL action for Talk – to signify talking to someone to sort out problems, instead of suffering in silence or alone.
‘A’ action – Putting your hand out, as if you’re helping someone up – to signify always taking action to help others, rather than doing nothing to help them.
‘R’ action – Putting your hands out wide, to illustrate inclusion and acceptance – to signify never leaving anyone out – including everyone.

The day completes with an afternoon whole school assembly challenging the children to remember the STAR steps in a game show interactive format.

Feedback from these days was impressive.

Quotes from children

“We’re having so much fun, thank you!”

“When are you coming back again?”

“You touched my heart. Now I feel changed.”

Quotes from teachers

“The kids really love what you’re doing.”

“They’ve just come back from one of your 
lessons and they’re all so engaged. Thank 

“The children there really love GR8 AS U R. 
They still wear their lanyards. It’s great. 
Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much for coming. I’ve heard nothing but brilliant things about you. The
 children have loved having you.”

“I love the STAR behavioural charts. It’s 
brilliant, they remembered them all.”

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The Fundays provide a very powerful learning experience for the children because GR8 AS U R works tirelessly with staff within each class to ensure that by the end of each classroom session, every single child understands the meaning of each kind STAR Step, knows exactly what they need to do to use them around school and feels motivated, inspired and challenged to do so, to stop bullying, foster inclusion and celebrate difference in their school.

“Quite simply, these GR8 AS U R Fundays are brilliant at engaging every child in school to be kind to everyone, every day.”

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