Supporting Anti-Bullying Week – the ‘Power for Good’

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation had the pleasure of supporting the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) to run the Anti-Bullying Week campaign 2016. The theme was the ‘Power for Good’, supporting children, teachers, parents and cultural influencers to use their power to stop bullying. The campaign had a significant impact, with over 75% of schools in England joining the campaign.

The project launched a full suite of resources to support school activities during the week, including presentations and lesson plans; a high profile social media campaign; and held a Parliamentary Reception to share the Power for Good message.

Also launched was a Power for Good Award for teachers and school staff that went beyond the call of duty to support their pupils who were going through challenging times. With over 100 nominations, the Power for Good Champions 2016 were Jackie Johnson from Orton Wistow Primary School in Peterborough and Luke Pittaway from Blue Coat Church of England Academy in Walsall.

 “I want to nominate Mr Pittaway because I feel he has supported me in ways that help me forget about bad things and stop me from getting in trouble … When I am angry or upset Mr Pittaway makes me laugh and helps me forget whatever makes me angry….Mr Pittaway is a great role model who never judges me for who I am and is always there for me in good and bad situations.”

 “Mrs Johnson goes above and beyond; she helps with my friendship issues and supports me with everything I do. I know I can trust her; I would not be who or where I am at the moment without her.”

An exciting competition for the best Anti-Bullying Week film was won by St Helens Academy in Merseyside who created an amazing video with a twist

Feedback from this extremely successful Power for Good campaign was tremendous:

  • 87% of schools said the yearly campaign helps them to improve their anti-bullying practices and also helps improve levels of respect and kindness towards others
  • 50% of schools said the campaign gives them an opportunity to provide staff with anti-bullying training
  • 47% of schools said the campaign leads to increased reporting of bullying incidents.

“‘We always take part in anti bullying week as we feel it is important to continually keep awareness high among our pupils. This also benefits our parents who often mistake unkind behaviour for bullying – this is a major source of difficulty as parental interpretation is often different from reality and this is a barrier that we are continually trying to break down.

It’s really helpful to have a designated time each year when we revisit the key anti-bullying messages. The children are much more aware of bullying since we started to participate 3 years ago – children are much more willing to report things happening to others if they think it is bullying.”

The 2017 Anti-Bullying Week is currently being organised and you can find out more details about how to be involved here.

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