Inspiration from one of our Supporters

A great inspirational story from one of our supporters!

He truly believes, if you share your feelings with someone you trust, things will get better.

“If, like me, you have ever been bullied or felt oppressed, you will know that it can leave you feeling isolated, vulnerable, and drained of emotions. Paranoid, your brain starts playing tricks on you, making you believe you are ‘a freak’ and telling you that everyone else thinks you are too. You don’t speak up about the bullying because you start to believe what the bully says about you is true.

I spent precious years of my life fantasising about how I was going to handle the situation – be stronger, fight back, walk away, not let it bother me. But, the truth of the matter is, I did none of those things. I stayed with the toxicity. I pretended it didn’t affect me – but I ultimately paid the price, losing 10 years of my life to sadness and despair.

I went to deep dark places – drinking in excess, having multiple partners, spending thousands on expensive holidays and then posting on Facebook to show the world ‘I rocked’ and was having an amazing time. I did get glimpses of happiness during this time, I really did, but only for short periods.

I was in a frantic self-destructive cycle.

My self-esteem and confidence was being destroyed, affecting my social interactions. I was blocking my friends out and became depressed.

I finally went to my doctor, who prescribed me anti-depressants. This was a total wake-up call for me. I knew that if I didn’t do something, I’d be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life. It gave me the kick I needed to take control and I started to think about what I actually wanted out of life.

Finally, after so many years of suffering, I decided to share my feelings (including my despair) with a person I trust. They helped me gradually take back my life with words of encouragement and endless support. They probably wanted to strangle me at some point due to my insecurities, but they stuck with me as I gradually began to feel better.

Trust me, there is someone in your life that will stick by you, provide you love and understanding … even if you annoy them senseless! They don’t want to see you in pain, and will do all they can to support you – they may not be perfect or say the perfect thing, but they will stick with you. Trust them!

During this whole reawakening, I fell in love with exercise and it is the one thing I go to nowadays when facing a challenge and if I feel my brain is starting to play tricks on me again – you know, like telling me I am useless. I just get moving and start to feel peace.

I make sure I exercise for half-an-hour a day. It helps me clear my mind and releases any built up frustrations. I feel so free after a few minutes, I start getting excited about what my future holds and planning on how to achieve my goals.

Through my personal growth, I’ve met friends that have common interests. I found people I resonate with – I found my tribe, as some would say.

You can find your tribe too!

Talk to the person you trust about your experiences and feelings and find things that you enjoy doing – which is the best way to make friends, in my humble opinion – and you will find your inner strength. Your confidence will grow and you can be your own special amazing!

The sooner you share your problems with someone you trust, the better!”

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